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Devoted to Fine Watches



Since its launch in 2003, QP has become established as one of the most widely read watch magazines in the world and has developed an engaging and readable style, with an editorial scope that covers auctions, brands, design, collecting, watchmaking technology and history.

QP came into being as a magazine that sought to reflect the finest and most creative in watchmaking as well as simply report and review the new watches on the market. Taking its title from the abbreviation for Quantième Perpétuel, the French term for perpetual calendar, QP is all about the long view and the highest standards.

Our editorial policy is to look beyond the latest press release and next product launch, QP is a real magazine - the sophisticated audience we target demands an equally sophisticated approach to content.  QP is published six times per year.

We also recently launched wQP, a special issue of QP devoted to women's watches, a market sector that brands and designers have only given the respect it deserves comparatively recently. wQP is the only magazine to our knowledge that covers this ground.