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Devoted to Fine Watches

Issue 50

Fifty issues is undoubtedly a milestone for a specialist bi-monthly magazine, so we must have got something nearly right! Every magazine launch is, to some extent, a vanity exercise, whatever the combination of research, experience and plain intuition might promise, but eventually, an audience has to be found and preserved. QP has had a few advantages in this; collecting watches is bound up with acquiring information and is an enduring passion once the bug has bitten. But we have also been lucky in other respects.


QP has been backed by publishers that have managed to balance faith and skepticism, making sure that the title is honest, while encouraging development. We have also been lucky in having contributors able to be informative and entertaining, sometimes even both at the same time - a more difficult task than you might imagine, this being an industry where difference can be in the slightest detail (and which insists on calling new products novelties).


Most of all QP covers an activity that has never been more interesting or more appreciated, two factors that serve to draw ever more interesting and talented people into its field. All of this keeps our lives interesting, providing the impetus both for the launch of SalonQP and our first iPad edition. We hope you will enjoy the next 50 issues.


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