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Devoted to Fine Watches

Issue 55

We may have to ban ourselves from talking about the revival of English watchmaking, but the stories keep popping up. This issue's John Bull prize goes to Robert Loomes for sheer determination.


There is, however, a great deal to be learned from our continental neighbours. Neither Hermès nor Louis Vuitton would relish being lumped together, but both are superb examples of taking history and identity utterly seriously, of trusting the right individuals and giving the craft skills of their makers the respect they deserve. The last quality needs work in Britain generally, where we tend to celebrate the creator or designer at the expense of the artisan.


We also take a look at the best of this year's crop of GMTs, the funky new designs from independent brands and our pick of the watch winders currently on the market. 


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Back in the Saddle: Hermès

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