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In recent Issues, QP has devoted plenty of space to the resurgence of ambition on British watchmaking and QP58 is no exception as we recount the debut of M [...]


QP Magazine Current Issue #58


Oktopus II Moon By Linde Werdelin

Wednesday 30 January 2013

Linde Werdelin has introduced its first complication entirely conceived, developed and produced in-house - the Oktopus II Moon.


Building on the brand's original moon phase dive watch, the Oktopus Moonphase, this new model displays the existing phase of the moon as you see it in the sky. As the moon moves forward through its cycle, more of its surface is illuminated on the dial.


The case, based on the Oktopus II model launched at Baselworld in 2012, is a five-part construction sealing a titanium inner cylinder that protects the movement and dial from water damage and corrosion.


The surface of the case is blasted with microbillé, and is followed with hand satin and polish finishing.


The Oktopus II Moon is available in two different colour combinations. The first model features a rose gold and titanium DLC case and is produced in a run of 12 numbered watches, while a second version comes in an all-black titanium DLC case and is limited to 47 pieces.  


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