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In recent Issues, QP has devoted plenty of space to the resurgence of ambition on British watchmaking and QP58 is no exception as we recount the debut of M [...]


QP Magazine Current Issue #58


TAG’s Star Watch

Monday 05 November 2012

While Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin may have won the space race in 1961, the US followed closely a year later with Project Mercury, which include the first Swiss timepiece to reach outer space - the Heuer 2915A stopwatch, which is now kept at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington DC.


To celebrate the 50th anniversary of this historic occasion, TAG Heuer has released the Carrera Calibre 1887 SpaceX Chronograph. Earlier this year, the watch accompanied Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) on its mission to the International Space Station, successfully surviving the extreme conditions and G-forces.


The watch is powered by the in-house Calibre 1887 advanced chronograph movement, and is available in a limited edition of 2,012. 


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